SRCF Contact Addresses

New Accounts Membership Application webform e.g. “Please can I have an account?”
e.g. “Please can I have an account for my society?”
Technical Assistance/Queries
(which do not require admin intervention) e.g. “How do I upload my webpages?”
e.g. “Why doesn't my PHP script work?”
Requests for Sysadmin Action e.g. new mailing lists
e.g. password resets
e.g. quota increases
e.g. adding administrators to a society account
e.g. requests to install new software
General Enquiries e.g. donations
e.g. becoming involved
e.g. complaints
Reporting a Security Issue e.g. hacked account
e.g. XSS vulnerabilities
e.g. SQL injection vulnerabilities
Takedowns e.g. under copyright legislation
e.g. under the Terrorism Act 2006

SRCF Committee Members

Other Delegated Roles