Frequently Asked Questions: Blogging

Do you have any software for managing a weblog?

Not really: there is an installation of Movable Type on the system but it's rather old (version 2.661) and the MT licensing terms don't permit upgrading to the newer versions without purchasing a commercial license. Our intention is to eventually phase out the MT system.

Our recommendation is that a good, properly free implementation of a weblog manager is WordPress which is powerful, standards-compliant and otherwise quite sensible, as well as having a good license from our point of view. However, it's not really compatible with running a centralised copy on the system, so you'll have to install a local copy in your web area: this is very easy and more flexible for all concerned. Happy blogging!

It is Very Important that you keep Wordpress updated.
Outdated Wordpress installations are frequently compromised and Wordpress has a history of security flaws.
As of the 2.7 release of Wordpress, updating has become very easy, you should be running the latest version of Wordpress.

WordPress Tips: UTF-8 character encodings and RSS feeds

Some tips for using wordpress on the SRCF.

How do I move my weblog from Movable Type to WordPress?

Thankfully, this is possible: just follow the instructions below (courtesy of Hanna — thanks!)


WP Installation:


Migration from MT (based on the tutorial here):

Redirection of old MT entries using .htaccess:

And that's it!