Frequently Asked Questions: Email

Options for SRCF mail processing

Every member of the SRCF has a SRCF email address. If your SRCF username is spqr2, your SRCF email address is

(In fact you have as many email addresses as you want, by appending a suffix of your choosing: You can use this for filtering different types of email in different ways. You also have equivalent addresses in our old domain,

You can choose (via the Control Panel) one of three possible ways for delivering email sent to your SRCF email addresses:

Note that society email is a bit different, and is always handled on pip. We also offer mailing lists.

Can I use the SRCF machine as an outgoing (SMTP) mail server?

Yes — you can use, port 587, using STARTTLS. Authenticate using your SRCF username and password. This service is part of Hades but is available to all SRCF members whether or not your email is hosted on Hades.

How do I set up mail forwarding?

The easiest way is to set your email mode to forwarding on the Control Panel.

More-flexible forwarding is available, but the exact facilities depend on whether you are using Hades or pip.

How do I set up mail filtering?

Flexible mail filtering is available on both Hades (using Sieve) and pip (using an Exim filter).

My mailing list,

Whoa! Stop right there! That's the University Information Services mailing list system, not the SRCF one, and there's nothing we can do to help you. Try going to instead. If it's an SRCF mailing list, it will end in or, and then we can help you with it...