Frequently Asked Questions: Email

How do I read my SRCF email?

There are four options:

  1. Forward it to some other address. When your account is first set up it will be configured to forward mail to the address you gave us when you applied — see the FAQ entry: How do I set up mail forwarding? for instructions on how to configure this.
  2. Read your mail using an email client running on the server, for example mutt or alpine.
  3. Read your mail via IMAP from a remote machine. You should always connect using a secure connection (enable “SSL” or the equivalent in your email client's configuration), otherwise your connection may be blocked. The incoming mail server name should be set to and the port should be set to 993. Note that we do not run a POP3 server, as it is an older protocol and provides no additional functionality over IMAP.
  4. Use our webmail service.

Can I use the SRCF machine as an outgoing (SMTP) mail server?

No — you should use Hermes instead from within the university. If you are outside of the university you can also use Hermes, but need to use a secure port and enable smtp authentication (this is necessary to prevent unauthorised use of the university mail systems to send spam). See the University Information Services' Email program settings for Hermes for details (just use the 'Outgoing' SMTP settings). You can also use the server provided by your ISP — you should still be able to set your “From:” address to be your @srcf email address if you prefer.

How do I set up mail forwarding?

Create a file called .forward (note the leading full-stop) in your home directory containing the email address to which you would like your mail to be forwarded.

The SRCF offers a simple interactive tool to create this file for you. Login to using Secure Shell and type: srcf-MailForward at the prompt, followed by return. You will then be prompted to enter an e-mail address where you would like all your SRCF mail forwarded to. Once this program has run, type exit to logout.

How do I set up mail filtering?

We have the Exim mail transfer agent installed. See the Exim filtering documentation.

My mailing list,

Whoa! Stop right there! That's the Hermes mailing list system, not the SRCF one, and there's nothing we can do to help you. Try going to instead. If it's an SRCF mailing list, it will end in or, and then we can help you with it...