Frequently Asked Questions: SRCF Membership Lists

Why have I been subscribed to mailing lists called Soc-SRCF, Soc-SRCF-users, Soc-SRCF-maintenance and/or Soc-SRCF-social?

The SRCF needs to be able to keep in contact with our users at all times (a requirement imposed upon us). We therefore automatically subscribe you to Soc-SRCF, Soc-SRCF-users and Soc-SRCF-maintenance shortly after creating your account. We will also subscribe you to Soc-SRCF-social if you requested this during the signup process.

These are very low-traffic mailing lists—just a few messages per year—and we do our best to ensure that the messages sent are relevant to as many people as possible. We hope that you will not consider this to be an inconvenience.

What sort of message will be sent to these mailing lists?

I would like to unsubscribe from Soc-SRCF and/or Soc-SRCF-users.

Because we must be able to contact everyone with an SRCF account, you may only unsubscribe from Soc-SRCF or Soc-SRCF-users if you are willing to give up your membership of the SRCF and access to its services. If this is what you want, please e-mail the sysadmins <> saying you want to terminate your membership.

Usually, when you leave the University and lose your access to our services, you will be automatically unsubscribed from Soc-SRCF-users—but not Soc-SRCF as you remain a SRCF member for life and are still welcome to attend SRCF events. As above, if you wish to give up this right you should contact the sysadmin team.

I would like to unsubscribe from Soc-SRCF-maintenance and/or Soc-SRCF-social.

No problem—you can do this directly:

I would like to (re)join Soc-SRCF-maintenance and/or Soc-SRCF-social.

No problem—you can do this directly:

Can I see an archive of messages posted to these lists previously?