If you wish to sign a nomination for a position on the SRCF committee by means of a PGP signature then it would be helpful if you got one of the following to sign your key first. If you don't then the Secretary will have to try and verify that you hold that key by other means. Signatures on your key from people in the trust path of those below are also helpful.

The format is "<Name> (<CRSid>): <PGP Key Fingerprint>" You are reminded that the PGP Key ID is the last two blocks of the fingerprint concatenated together.

Keys that have been used in the past by ex-committee/sysadmins

The following people have used these keys to sign mail sent in an official SRCF capacity

Signing nominations

This is intended as some helpful notes on PGP signing nominations for the SRCF Committee. If you create a text file nominationOf'PERSON'ForSRCF'ROLE'.txt (making the relevant substitutions and without the quotes) containing something like the following:

We who have signed this herby nominate PERSON, for election to the post of
ROLE on the SRCF committee 20YY-20YY.

and then sign it with:

gpg --detach-sign --armor nominationOf'PERSON'ForSRCF'ROLE'.txt
Then this should generate a file like nominationOf'PERSON'ForSRCF'ROLE'.txt.asc and if you send both to the Secretary then that should be a valid signature (you want your key to be in the web of trust of someone listed as being on the executive or some out of band verification will be necessary). The same .txt file should be signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee.