Minutes SRCF committee meeting held Sun Oct 3 1999 Venue: Matthew Vernon's room Present: Matthew Vernon Peter Clay Sophie Tatham In attendance: Peter Corbett Martin Keegan Apologies: Jock Busuttil Meeting declared quorate and constitutional. 1. Constitutional amendments Point 9, to be copied verbatim from the template constitutions' clause on the dissolution of the society. Point 8 re: Senior Treasurer; the phrase about liability to be copied from the template constitution. Amendments proposed, seconded and passed on a show of hands (no objections). 2. Motion: that the Committee be appointed as follows: Matthew Vernon: Chairman Peter Clay: Secretary Sophie Tatham: Treasurer Jock Busuttil: Publicity Proposed by Matthew and seconded by Peter The motion was passed with no objections. 3. Training Martin raised the point that training had been one of the potential goals of the society. It was agreed that, for the moment, the society should focus on getting its core operation working; Matthew would bring training back on the agenda when he thought appropriate. [A short disturbance re: arrival of lasagne] 4. Julian Midgely's annoyance Martin reported having mollified Julian Midgely by giving him accounts on various Jesus machines to make up for losing root on kern. 5. Appointment of admins The Committee appointed admins as follows: Matthew as "Debianmeister", and with official right to change root password. Peter to "do stuff" Hanna Wallach to administer users Jock as webadmin, without the root password 6. Policy regarding admins and root password Matthew noted that, although he alone does official changes to the root password, in the event of an "emergency" any admin can and should do anything necessary to deal with the box being hacked, including changing the root password; as a general principle, any admin can and should fix anything "broken". 7. Naming scemes Our first box should be called "kern" as requested by Julian; Matthew suggested assigning names to other boxes from Beowulf. 8. Box space In CUSU, a box called "heffalump" will be going into a space on the ground floor that is currently occupied by societies fair stuff. We need to hijack this for kern and possibly other boxes. 9. Societies fair Peter to turn up, Matthew Corbett to bring penguin. 10. Joint squash with CUCS It was agreed to have a joint squash with CUCS. 5:30-8:00pm, Trinity Junior Parlor, Saturday. 11. AOB Matthew to give talk on Linux to CUCS: Wed. 27 Oct, 8pm