Minutes SRCF committee meeting Thu Feb 17 2000 Venue: The Bun Shop Present: Matthew Vernon Hanna Wallach Peter Clay Jock Busuttil In attendance: Martin Keegan 1. Matters arising It was decided that we wouldn't publish minutes on the website until they had been approved by a subsequent committee meeting. Ian Jackson accepts his role as a security consultant, and Peter Benie accepts his role as an admin. These should be formalised. They are both already members. soc-srcf has been fixed to contain the current members. The minutes of the last meeting were not approved pending amendments by Matthew. 2. Finance No bank account yet - we should get the signatures of the new committee on the application form. Membership has been checked against the amount of subscriptions received. We have about 200 pounds in cash and cheques. We hsould investigate funding a backup device of our own (we currently rely on Matthew's personal tape drive). Matthew has not yet been paid for the tapes. 3. AGM Nominations as noted. Directions to the Winstanley Lecture Theatre have been given to Matthew. It was proposed that we should look into setting the membership fees to zero. The AGM Agenda was defined. 4. AOB Alan Bird offers a reciprocal arrangement with CUSU. They need three people: -- an admin for heffalump.cusu -- mac/printer techs -- a webmaster In exchange, they plan to offer CUSU backing for the Societies Syndicate application for funds; and justify our presence to the next CUSU exec. We should consider getting a lockable cabinet in CUSU. Matthew suggested the SRCF becoming a registered charity. The meeting closed at 18:43.