Minutes SRCF committee meeting Thu Feb 24 2000 Venue: The Bun Shop Present: Martin Keegan Hanna Wallach Peter Clay Jock Busuttil 1. Matters arising It was noted that the minutes from Tue 18 Jan 2000 have not been approved yet in the light of Matthew Vernon’s proposed amendments. As there was no consensus on his proposals, the committee resolved to approve them without amendment and to review his proposals at a later date It was noted that, in general, minutes should not be posted on the website until they are formally approved by the committee. Martin pointed out that he was not ‘present’, but ‘in attendance’ at the meeting Thu Feb 17 2000. Peter is to send an email to Ian Jackson formally recognising him as Security Consultant, and to Peter Benie to confirm his role as an admin (crisis management). He will be given root to allow himself to familiarise himself with the system. They are both to be added to soc-srcf-admin@lists.cam.ac.uk. Hanna asked for assistance with the HSBC back account application form. Peter offered to help her, and they will arrange to meet for an hour at some unspecified time. Presumably to go through the form. The minutes from Thu 17 Feb 2000 were approved with the above amendments. 2. AGM Stuff Peter is to post the constitution and the question of membership fees for discussion on appropriate newsgroups. The committee notes that there was the post of chair on the admin committee. However, given that in the future there may be more than one set of admins, the committee resolved -- to remove any formal committee structure (i.e. no longer any chair) -- that the current SysAdmin roles (Package Management, User/Accounts, Website, ‘Everything Else’) should remain unchanged -- to change the name of the admin committee to ‘the SysAdmins group’ to avoid confusion as to their collective role -- to assert its responsibility for the creation and/or reorganisation of SysAdmins’ roles 3. Long Term Objectives The committee resolved to deal with this after item (4.) on the agenda. 4. Short Term Stuff Confidentiality/public access: although emails between committee members can be specifically flagged up as ‘confidential’ or ‘for publication’ (via Peter), they should be thought of as publicly accessible by default (i.e. they may be forwarded on to non- committee members without their explicit approval). DNS changes: the DNS changes (A record, PTR record) wrt foo.srcf.societies.cam.ac.uk will be requested by Hanna. Role-based email: it was resolved to use the role-based email addresses (@srcf.ucam.org) on the soc-srcf-committee@lists mailing list. Email alias files: it was noted that the alias files have been split up into ‘system’, ‘roles’ and ‘vanity’. Vanity addresses should be discouraged, but applications for them may be submitted to the committee for approval. Jock asked where www-data@srcf.ucam.org was delivered. Hanna said she would make it point towards the webmaster, and Peter volunteered to alter the apache configuration so that outgoing emails were posted as webmaster. Co-option of Matthew Lavy: the committee resolved to co-opt Matthew Lavy as External Liaison Officer. Society membership: the committee noted that Matt Kern and Julian Midgley are both members of the SRCF. Canonical membership list: Hanna said that she would manage this and would make its location known to the rest of the committee. people.ucam.org: this is a service involving homepage redirection. The committee resolved to go ahead with this service. Peter is to publicise the service and somebody should be found to maintain it. Training stuff: Hanna is to oversee the training programme for SysAdmins. She is to contact Matthew Vernon about this and report back to the committee. Delegated projects: in the situation where we have lots of active projects, the committee may choose to co-opt people specifically to oversee them. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. CUSU: Jock reported that CUSU would be happy for the IT side of societies (email, mailing lists, website hosting) to be delegated to the SRCF, providing that the SRCF undertook to provide tech support of the sort that the present CUSU IT team does. Nothing has been formally agreed as yet; Alan Bird (CUSU Services Officer) would like to wait until his successor has been elected before entering into formal discussions. Mail forwarding: to be able to provide this service, the committee notes that an extra-CUDN box or a proxy JANET licence would be needed. It resolved to investigate this service further. The CS and societies: the committee resolves to see what improvements (if any) the CS is making to the existing PWF system before making any decisions as to their own course of action. 3. Long Term Objectives Martin suggested that the SRCF should provide a generalised managed web service, that it should aim to cultivate a community of clueful people throughout the university and that the SRCF should provide some kind of support for JCRs that do not have as developed IT structures as other colleges’. Jock suggested that the SRCF should strive to earn a reputation for sane and reliable computing in general. It was resolved that the SRCF should not involve itself with providing recruitment opportunities for companies as the society would have to be of equal or greater stature to other organisations such as CUIS before we could attract interested companies. 5. Changes/additions to Services The committee noted that the relevant details were to be found in changelogs on the server. Peter is to publicise the services that have been recently added (TrustedCVS, SSIN, etc.). 6. AOB There was no other business. The meeting closed at 19:16.