Minutes SRCF committee meeting Thu Apr 27 2000 Venue: Starbucks Present: Bob Dowling Martin Keegan Hanna Wallach Peter Clay Jock Busuttil 1. Matters arising The minutes from the last meeting (Mon 16 April 2000) were confirmed. 2. Review of the accounts Bob said that he had reviewed the accounts for the SRCF and that all was in order. He asked the committee to explain its reasoning for the removal of the membership fees. Since the accounts demonstrate that the vast majority of our assets have been donated, and that the money generated from membership fees was sitting largely untouched in a bank account (apart from the outlay on the backup tapes that Matthew Vernon bought), the change to the membership fees is justifiable. It was suggested that the remainder of the money directly from the membership fees should be set aside for critical hardware failures (such as a hard drive or memory failing) and not used to acquire new kit. This should be done by soliciting donations from members. 3. Members Jock raised the concern that, with the floodgates open after the announcement that membership fees had been removed, the SRCF might be unable to cope with the demand. It was pointed out that we can currently host two hundred users on our disk, and that is on the assumption that they all are completely filling their 100Mb quota. In any case, we would have sufficient warning if we looked at buying a new hard disk when the number of users reached 70-75% of our capacity. Jock proceeded to get his coat. Bob asked about the member registration procedures in place. We currently have two stages of registration: -- add2canon / addsoc - add entries to the canonical membership lists, then emails the information to the admins for account creation (executed by anyone) -- customised adduser scripts that create the account and password which it then emails to the new user (executed by root). Bob then pointed out the impact of the recent changes to the Data Protection Act. For existing members (the 'transitional phase'), an email must be sent out detailing what information is stored about them electronically (in our case, not a great deal), what it is used for and informing them that they need to explicitly opt out. For new members, we must ask their explicit permission to store the same information (an opt in situation). It was noted that two users had not received passwords because for some reason, adduser.local was not executable. This has been rectified. 4. AOB Societies syndicate: it was noted that they meet for the last time this academic year in June. It was resolved that we would make an application for capital to purchase necessary hardware and consumables (hard drives, magnetic tapes, larger tape drive, new box, memory etc.) DNS stuff: we now have kern and snook.srcf.societies.cam.ac.uk. We need to subsequently request www.srcf.societies.cam.ac.uk from the CS and kern and snook.srcf.ucam.org from Ian Jackson. Care must be taken at all stages NOT TO BREAK THE MAIL SYSTEM. Techlinks: it was noted that it would be nice to be privy to the missives that the CS sends to departments who have techlinks. Root appointment: Jock is to be made root (qua Jock, not webmaster) so that minor admin tasks can be carried out more quickly. Website indexing: Jock is to ask for kern to be added to the list of sites indexed by the main university search engine (http://www-search.cam.ac.uk/). Service wishlist: what kind of stuff should we be doing? -- website hosting (which we do) -- anonymous ftp (for download only) -- email and mailing lists (which we do) -- allowing users to add an interface to ldap service, integrated to exim, that MSIE and Netscape can make use of -- thor-a-like services -- self-signing SSL -- becoming the top of the 'trust tree' whereby we offer key signing of all flavours. The meeting closed at 15:20.