Minutes SRCF committee meeting Tue Feb 20 2001 Venue: the SRCF bunker Present: Jock Busuttil Martin Keegan Apologies: Hanna Wallach Peter Clay 1. Matters arising The minutes from the last meeting (Mon 6 November 2000) were not confirmed. It was decided that this should be done subsequent to consultation with the other members of the committee. 2. AGM It was noted that the AGM must take place this term, and that its date and venue should be published with fourteen days' notice according to the SRCF constitution. It was resolved that Jock would set about booking a room for the provisional date Friday 16 March, at 7pm (last day of full term). Hanna should be given warning to have the accounts prepared for the AGM. Appropriate notification to SRCF members and the newsgroups will be sent out by Martin when the room booking is confirmed. 3. AOB Constitutional amendments: it was noted that whatever discussion there had been on the subject of constitutional amendments has long since expired from the newsgroups. It was resolved that discussions should be reopened prior to the AGM to give sufficent time for amendments to be drafted and submitted to Jock for inclusion on the agenda. User administration: it was noted that the administration of new users and societies has been particularly smooth, even given their volume over recent months. Hosted societies: it was noted that current society admins should be contacted next term to provide an easy transition for those who happen also to be graduating at the end of the year. Relationship with the CS: it was noted that we have managed to avoid the wrath of the Computing Service. This is a Good Thing (TM). More importantly, it was proposed that, given this delicate relationship with the CS, future SRCF committees should be aware of the responsibilities they have to maintain critical systems such as email. Relationship with CUSU: it was noted that no formal agreement has yet been established with CUSU to safeguard the hosting of kern and snook in 11/12 Trumpington Street. This should be done, preferably before the AGM, but certainly before Jock and Martin cease to be responsible for computing at CUSU. The meeting closed at 20:35.