Minutes SRCF committee meeting held Monday April 30th 2001

Venue: Starbucks


Matthew Garrett Robert Beattie

In attendance:

Bob Dowling

The meeting opened at 15:47.

1. Matters arising

The minutes from the last meeting (Tue 20 February 2001) were read.

2. Donations

A Sparc 10 has been offered to us. Matthew to negotiate.

3. Backup Device

We no longer have sufficient backup capacity. This situation will become worse with an influx of new members in October. It is difficult to swap backup tapes without physical access to kern, although it is possible CUSU would be happy to do this at the same time as their own. We want at least 15Gb capacity. An OnStream DI-15 was mentioned, although concern was expressed at its alarmingly cheap price tag. No final decision was taken.

We intend to have a funding drive to solicit donations from our members, and to apply to the Societies Syndicate - Robert to coordinate.


We are liasing with the CUSU Services Officer about a formal hosting agreement, to secure kern's long-term future.

5. Member Recruitment

We need to apply for a stall at the Societies Fair, and submit an entry for the CUSU Handbook. We will try to have a joint Squash with CUCPS and CUCS, as in previous years.

6. Garden Party

To be held jointly with CUCS (President mandated to talk to himself), possibly in Newnham Gardens.

7. AOB

Bank Account: We need to get the signatories changed.

Junior Proctor: to be sent a list of current officers - Bob to do.

The meeting closed at 16:11.