Minutes of SRCF Committee meeting held Tuesday 22nd January 2002

Venue: Clowns

Present: Matthew Garrett (Chairman)

Robert Beattie (Treasurer) Sian James (Publicity Officer)

In Attendance: Martin Keegan

Phil Cowans

Ian Caulfield (Secretary) had apologised for his absence. Minutes were taken by Martin Keegan.

Meeting opened at 9:10pm

1. Minutes of previous meeting

These were confirmed subject to the alteration that Bob Dowling was actually in attendance at the previous meeting
Matters arising:
2 (Donations) The Sparc 10 had been accepted and was now a VPN router 3 (Backups) A new backup system had been purchased and was being
4 (CUSU) A formal agreement had been signed with CUSU 5 & 6 (Recruitment / Garden Party) All items were accomplished

2. New machine

The Chairman stated that the situation with kern was that it must be replaced. The Society has been lent more RAM which has been helpful in alleviating the performance problems of last term. However, the existing motherboard is at the limit of its expansion capacity in most respects (e.g., can only accommodate 128Mb of RAM). It was noted that the current machine had served for six years as a student UNIX shell server (the latter three as the SRCF's main box).
The Chair proposed acquiring a new machine with the following spec: Dual 1GHz PIII, 1Gb RAM, 128Gb disk. Such hardware was expected to last three years, until 2005.
It was noted that the Society had 690 pounds in the bank. It was further noted that some University Societies depended heavily on the SRCF.
It was agreed that the Society would solicit money from the Societies Syndicate, and noted that this was quite urgent. The Committee had already informally agreed to email the membership asking for cash as well.
The possibility of an annual grant from the Societies Syndicate was discussed. The Treasurer will investigate whether applying for this is a good idea.

3. New admins and involving people

A need was felt for new sysadmins, and better responsiveness by the sysadmin group. Martin Keegan gave an account of where he thought the failures and successes were occurring with the current system.
It was agreed that the Society would solicit applications for new system administrators, and that the current sysadmins would make recommendations to the Committee.
The possibility of starting a ``support'' mailing alias for interested members of the Society, members of the Committee and sysadmins was mooted. This would spread the burden of support and allow the Committee to monitor whether issues were being dealt with promptly.

4. New projects

It was agreed that the attention of members should be drawn to some of the new development projects in which they could participate: the VPN system, the telnet discouragement system, replacing / fixing the current mailing list system, fixing the PHP system, and fixing the current website.

5. AGM

Thursday 14 March was pencilled in as a desirable date for the AGM. The Treasurer would look into organising a room.

Meeting closed at 10:20pm