Minutes of SRCF committee meeting held Tuesday 19th March 2002

Here's a list of some of the things that were discussed that evening - more as a reminder to the people who were present than as an official record.

1. Make sure that Kern2 gets sorted out (ie faulty parts sent back to supplier) sooner rather than later.

2. Using Zeus webserver on Kern - committee needs to make a decision on this. It is a philosophical point (use of non-free software) rather than a technical one.

3. 'srcf' manpage needs to be updated.

4. We should investigate a more formal bug trackign system, althoug it was decided to continue using the mailing list for the time being.

5. People other than mk270 should learn about ttybuf (?) and other log monitoring tools.

6. MySQL provisioning script for societies needs to be sorted out.

7. Procedure for updating MOTD needs to be documented.

8. Amanda or equivalent needs to be investigated, with the aim of persuading some CUSU bod to rotate log tapes on our behalf.

9. We should write and maintain a FAQ for users.

10. cron.daily needs to be investigated apparently

11. pjc50 asked me to write down 'sanity-check' - I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done with it (documentation?)

Phil Cowans