Minutes of SRCF committee meeting held 4th May 2006

Venue: The Castle Inn, Castle Hill

In attendance:


  1. Approval of minutes:
    • The minutes had not yet been sent to Luke from the previous secretary.
    • These would be looked at at the next meeting.
  2. Mandate Change:
    • Teresa and Haibo will organise a time next week to go to HSBC and change the mandate.
  3. Stall at CUSU Societies Fair:
    • We require a stall with electricity at the societies fair, and this will cost £70 for the 2 days.
    • We will produce flyers to give to individuals, and also use the fair to give flyers to societies in attendance, advising them of the services that we can offer. Teresa said that she could print these for free if they were done by September. David will design these flyers.
    • There will also be a laptop with a sign-up form that people can fill in. This won't require network access, as the information will be saved, and submitted at the end of the fair.
    • David will organise the stall, and ask the sys-admins to help. He will e-mail round nearer the time and devise a rota.
    • Luke suggested that we could make better use of the fact that we will have electricity - the committee will discuss this at the next meeting.
  4. May Week Garden Party:
    • Teresa suggested the afternoon of the 17th or 18th as possible days for a garden party. The committee agreed it should be in a central location so David will look into possible venues and report back.
    • The garden party will be advertised to the correct srcf mailing list, and David will talk to Ross about advertising it on the website.
    • Teresa and Haibo offered to bake things if necessary.
  5. Money for new server:
    • The possibility of getting money from CUSU was discussed, Luke will investigate this. We can also obtain money from donations (see 6), or from the societies syndicate (see 7). Teresa will ask the sys-admins to spec up something suitable, so we can get an idea of price.
  6. Donations on the website:
    • A paypal account is now up and running. Teresa will speak to Ross about getting a donations page on the website, which people can opt-in to appear on if they donate. We should also try to get a banner/logo to advertise the fact that people can now donate, and tie this in with a donations drive in order to secure money for the new server.
  7. Joining the societies syndicate:
    • Our membership lapsed in 2004, but all we need to do is send annual accounts and a list of officers and we can get reinstated. If we do this, we should be able to get a large sum of money towards our new server. Tree and Haibo will work on getting membership reinstated.
  8. Advertising ourselves to societies:
    • The university is changing the way its provisions for societies work, so now would be a good time to offer SRCF services to societies on the universities old system. David will look at the possibility of e-mailing these societies, and will report back.
  9. SRCF Webmaster:
    • Rob Bradford currently administers the SRCF website, but will be leaving soon. The committee will look at the constitution to see what will be done, and Luke will speak to Rob about his plans for next year.