Minutes of SRCF committee meeting held 20th October 2006

Venue: The Castle Inn, Castle Hill

In attendance:


  1. Money for Server:
    • Tree will investigate the minutes from the final CUCS meeting to see if there exists any money which the SRCF may be able to use. Tree and Haibo will submit a proposal to the societies syndicate, before the deadline at the end of the month.
  2. Alumni Service:
    • The possibility of a paid-for service to alumni was raised. This was discussed, but it was decided we would not take this idea any further.
    • Firstly, because it may cost too much, and secondly because it may violate CUDN rules.
  3. Terms of Service discussion:
    • It was discussed whether or not a clause needed to be added to the ToS, to allow the committee to remove the accounts of users who were abusive to the support helpers, or had other caused to be removed, not covered by previous rules. It was decided this wasn't needed, as we don't believe it's a big enough issue, and decisions can be made internally on a case-by-case basis. Also, almost all violations not covered by the ToS would be covered by CUDN rules.
  4. Internet Banking:
    • It was agreed that internet banking would be useful, and that Haibo will set it up.
  5. PayPal:
    • A link to donate via PayPal will be set up on the donations page.
    • PayPal has fees associated, so we will include text detailing that cheques are preferable if possible.
  6. Inventory of equipment:
    • We need to perform an inventory of the equipment we have. Haibo will ask the sys-admins about the inventory, and will also speak to CUSU about what insurance we have, if any, and what we need to do to ensure we are fully covered.
  7. Spam:
    • It was noted that committee addresses recieve a large volume of spam.
    • Options for reducing this were discussed, but the committee agreed that little could be done to reduce spam further, and that users should take their own precautions (client-side filtering rather than server-side).