Minutes of SRCF commitee meeting held 18th April 2009

Venue: D8 North Court, St. John's College
Time: 2000-2300

In attendance:


  1. Breaches of the TOS. James Rutt (jmr81) gave Rory Scott (rs503)'s login details to a 3rd party web development company (Stuart Hutchinson, stuart [at] dansondigital [dot] co [dot] uk).
    • Accounts are both currently suspended.
    • Action: Instruct web development company that they must give the files to the user to upload and explicitly instruct them that they do not have permission to access our server.
    • Action: Sysadmins to set up procedure for suspending accounts.
    • Action: Sysadmins to reinstate their accounts and instruct them to reread the TOS.
    • Action: Sysadmins to inform CERT.
  2. Open Source software talks proposal by the European Bioinformatics Institute.
    • Action: Publicity officer to email srcf-social in order to determine interest.
    • Action: Chairman to inform EBI that if there is interest, we will help organise a trial talk - if there is success they should look into creating a separate society for this.
  3. Earthquake.
    • Current status: Fell over again after backplane replacement, likely that one disk is apparently dead.
    • Action: Disk has been replaced - wait and see.
  4. Locust.
    • Donated by Malcolm (mas90) as serial console. We are grateful to him for this.
  5. Rearrangement of server rack.
    • We have purchased a UPS for £75. Malcolm has rearranged the server rack and installed Locust and the UPS. We are grateful to him for this.
  6. Thunder.
    • Possible uses: SRCF remote desktop, alumni email, load balance remote desktop.
    • Action: Sysadmins to investigate feasibility of load balancing remote desktop.
  7. Cyclone.
    • Problem with processes not terminating correctly.
    • Action: Sysadmins to investigate cause and resolution.
  8. Alumni email.
    • Poll existing users for interest in alumni email.
  9. Recruitment of new sysadmins.
    • At the end of this year, we will have no undergraduate sysadmins.
    • Action: Han-Ley (hlt32) to approach Nick Stenning (nhs27) to determine his interest.
    • Action: Committee to email support mailing list.
  10. SRCF Documentation.
    • Action: Sysadmins to investigate a new documentation system.
    • Action: Support list to be given access to edit documentation system.
    • Action: Committee, sysadmins and support to port existing documentation.
  11. Support mailing list.
    • Action: Sysadmins to create procedure for editing the mailing list.
  12. THCS money.
    • THCS are donating a total of £600 to the SRCF; we are grateful to them for this.
    • There is a possibility of a donation of £100 per year for the next 9 years. The £100 is contingent on nobody applying for the THCS funded prize at Trinity Hall.
  13. SRCF Garden Party.
    • Action: Publicity officer to investigate sponsorship.
    • Action: Malcolm (mas90) to investigate Trinity Hall as a venue.
    • Action: David (djs203) to investigate Jesus as a venue.
  14. Anniversary Dinner.
    • We have a venue, contract and deposit.
    • Action: Malcolm (mas90) to give Malte (ms705) guest list from last year.
    • Action: Chairman to invites guests.
    • Menu price: £38 for non-drinking, £45 for drinking.
    • Additional: Malcolm (mas90) to investigate corkage.
  15. TOS rewrite.
    • Action: sysadmins to investigate the TOS rewrite.
  16. UCS Ravenisations to Mailman.
    • Action: sysadmins to request Ravenisations to Mailman from the UCS.
    • It was noted that Mailman sucks.
  17. Password email.
    • Action: Add clause that users are not to share account information.
  18. Move to vhosts.
    • Move to vhosts is on hold pending discussion with the UCS on its implementation.