Minutes of meeting of the SRCF Executive on Friday 14th May

Venue: Trinity College Bar
Time: 20:00-21:45
In attendance: Han-Ley Tang (Chairman), Elliot Pace (Treasurer), Edward Tait (Publicity), Richard Whitehouse (Sysadmin), Daniel Thomas (Secretary)
Minutes taken by: Daniel Thomas (though only brief notes were taken at the meeting itself)

This meeting was called mainly for the purpose of drawing up a presentation to give to Bloomberg on 25th May. Elliot Pace (Committee) and Richard Whitehouse (Sysadmins) will be giving this presentation.

The invitation to give this presentation was made in the following email:


Subject:Bloomberg L.P. - Societies Sponsorship Event

Date:23/04/10 14:15:37 (23 Apr 2010 09:15:37 -0400)

Dear Society Committee,

I'm writing to you to inform you of an opportunity to secure a sponsorship of £2,000 for your society courtesy of Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg is the world's leading provider of financial data, news and analytics. We are a global technology company, with over 130 offices all over the world. Our product, the Bloomberg Professional Service, is an essential tool across the whole of the financial services industry.

We are hosting a society event on 25 May 2010 in our London office. This event will be a chance for a select few technical societies to pitch for this year's £2,000 sponsorship. The day will be structured as the following:

2.00- Arrival
2.00-2.30- Intro
2.30-4.30- Presentations and Training session

Each society will have 15 minutes to present and answer questions in front of the panel of judges. The panel will be made up of software engineers and recruiters. Presentation should be a brief overview of the society, how your society would use the £2,000 (i.e. equipment, relevant trips, guest lectures, and reading materials), how Bloomberg can get involved in your society and how we can market our graduate positions to your university.

We are looking for 2 representatives your society to attend the event. Please let me know if your society is interested to attend, and if you have any questions regarding the event. Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards,
Hok-Him Poon
News Research & Development
Bloomberg L.P."

Han-Ley produced an initial draft which was emailed around. Various improvements were suggested and Han-Ley subsequently implemented them. [Note to future committees: the presentation files should be available in ~executive/events/].

Han-Ley also produced a new logo for the presentation.

Stash was again discussed. There was discussion of what should go on the stash but again a decision was not reached. Daniel again mentioned the possibility of using the pubic key of a SRCF CA GPG key.

There was discussion about the Dinner, we have dates of Thursday 17th, Friday 18thor Wednesday 9th. We need to hurry up and organise this.

Action: Han-Ley to follow up with Trinity, Ed to contact Matthew Speller at Peterhouse.

There was discussion about the Garden Party, we probably want to hold it at Trinity Hall if possible and get MX Telecom to sponsor it if possible (they asked us if they could but they have since been bought). Again we are running rather late with this. Unfortunately Peterhouse is unsuitable due to silly rules which mean everything has to be bought from college. Han-Ley has investigated Trinity and unfortunately it looks like they will not do garden parties for University societies.

There was discussion about recent fail regarding improper use of accounts by societies.

We unanimously passed a motion that in future if users violate the ToS in terms of using other peoples accounts/giving passwords to people outside the CUDN etc. they are to have their accounts suspended, actions investigated and then if there is no obvious malicious intent be told what a stupid thing they have done and be told to read the ToS and when they say that they have then they can have their accounts back.

We resolved to have a stall at the societies fair without electricity.

Action: Daniel to organise stall.

We resolved to spend £25-50 on promotional material for the fair.

We resolved to have proper flyers organised well in advance. [Note: this means we need to organise the social well in advance].

Actions arising from this meeting

Actions arising from previous meetings