Minutes of SRCF executive meeting, 17th January 2014

The meeting was held on Friday 17th January 2014, between 7:30pm and 10pm, at The Castle, Castle St, Cambridge.

In Attendance:

Apologies for Absence:

Before the meeting, members of the current sysadmin team met potential new sysadmins Mark Chonofsky, Joseph Joyce, Souradip Mookerjee, Daniel Low to chat to them about what we do and discuss whether to invite them to join the team. Actual decisions were part of the meeting and are therefore minuted below.

Matters arising from previous meeting:

The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Actions assigned to “executive” (sysadmins and committee):

Andrew C’s Actions:

Malcolm’s Actions:

Matthew’s Actions:

Richard’s Actions:

News server: Does this work? If not, do we fix it or officially remove support?

Exceptional Items

Sysadmin ratification


Annual General Meeting date & venue:

Quota policy on the internal wiki:

Hard drives

Donors page

Pip failure contingency

Any Other Business

Control Panel

Shared mailbox password

Hack Day


Actions Summary