SRCF Annual General Meeting 2000 3pm, Sunday 20th February Winstanley Lecture Hall 1. Matters arising There were no previous minutes to confirm as this was the inaugural AGM. 2. Chairman's report: Two machines have been donated; Julian Midgley's (kern) is already being used, Mark Waller's will be up Real Soon Now. Jock complained that we hadn't yet done many of the things we set out to do. 3. Elections It was moved to hold the elections in the order of importance of the posts. This was approved by a 5-2 vote. Much time was devoted to cleaning up Ian Jackson's and Matthew Vernon's complaints. Richard Watts was appointed honorary chair of the meeting at this point by majority of show of hands. The complaints and subsequent explanations were: - that Martin Keegan had been acting on behalf of the SRCF when he was not authorised to do so (Ian Jackson) - that Martin Keegan had been acting with the knowledge of Peter Clay (Martin Keegan) - that all the members of the SRCF Committee except Matthew Vernon had been aware of Martin's actions. Peter had not told Matthew because he believed that Matthew had resigned as Chairman (Peter Clay) - that Matthew Vernon had merely offered his resignation, but that it had not been accepted or confirmed by the SRCF Committee (Matthew Vernon) After much heated discussion, it was established that the complaints had been precipitated in part by the deep confusion that had resulted from ill communication between members of the SRCF Committee. Ian retracted his complaint against Martin Keegan, saying that it was now unclear who was at fault. Peter Clay and Jock Busuttil apologised for not informing Matthew about Martin's actions. Discussion on this subject was formally declared closed. It was noted that the deletion of email aliases does not assist good communication (!). The next point of discussion arose from confusion as to whether the post 'Chair of Admin Committee' actually existed. A vote was held on whether people thought the position of chair of admin committee existed; 7 votes in favour, 2 votes against, no abstentions. Martin Keegan wanted it noted that there was confusion between the elected committee and the admin committee, and that this is a bad thing. The process of conducting the elections proper was resumed at this point. Speeches were given in alphabetical order of candidates' surnames. Ian Jackson moved that the elections be run by Single Transferable Vote (STV) on a show of hands with the candidates absent. 9 votes in favour, 1 against, 1 abstention. During the course of the elections, Peter Clay withdrew his candidacy for all posts which he had contended. Martin Keegan was elected Chairman by a majority of 6 votes to 5. Jock Busuttil was elected Secretary after all opposing candidates withdrew. Jonathan Amery also withdrew from candidacy for Junior Treasurer, leaving no remaining candidates. Hanna Wallach therefore volunteered for the post, was seconded by Jonathan Amery and was elected without opposition. Jock Busuttil proposed Peter Clay for Publicity Officer. The proposal was seconded by Richard Watts after all candidates had withdrawn from the post. Peter therefore was elected to the post of Publicity with no opposition. The resultant SRCF Committee for 2000-01 was: Chairman - Martin Keegan Secretary - Jock Busuttil Junior Treasurer - Hanna Wallach Publicity Officer - Peter Clay 4. Resolutions Ian proposed a working group on identifying and proposing amendments to the constitution; unanimously accepted. Matthew proposed a vote of no confidence in Peter Clay as an system admininstrator. He also asked for an apology (for the deletion of the email aliases discussed at length earlier), which was given by Peter. With Peter absent from the room for the remainder of the discussions, the motion was amended at the suggestion of Ian Jackson to a motion of censure, which was passed with 8 votes for, 1 against, and 2 abstentions. Given the time constraints on the booking for the room in which the AGM was being held, it was agreed to continue further discussion to the newsgroups on the issue of charging for membership and proposed amendments to the constitution.