19:08 James Coupe opens the meeting Martin notes he still doesn't have the details to ratify the minutes from two years ago and an aural account was made from last year's AGM which was ratified as the minutes 19:10 James Coupe - president's report: not a lot happenned new sysadmins appointed, but none were here Kyle Maddison was appointed webmaster Kern was moved onto a UPS - but move to our own one reccommended Investigations into using snook/old kern as a training machine 19:12 Nathan Dimmock - treasurer's report: Explanation of the year's budget and the effective depreciation of machines (designed to estimate the ongoing running costs, new hardware included) Breakdown of non-capital expenditure. Discussion about how to average costs of hardware over time, and how to get money in years we aren't buying hardware. Barclays - due to invalid details on the previous years accounts, and various other problems, they closed the account - but we have a cheque which Nathan proposes to give to the new treasurer to put into a new account (preferably not with Barclays!) Recommendation that the senior treasurer and the junior treasurer both are signatories on the account to aid continuity over new committees. 19:24 Elections Nominations for positions: President - Matthew Johnson Junior Treasurer - Olly Madge Secretary - Ed Allcutt Publicity Officer - Jeff Snyder Since there were no opposing nominations and no objections, the above people were elected to the committee 19:25 James Coupe closed the meeting.