20:10 meeting opened by Matthew Johnson 1. Ratification of Minutes from previous AGM. The previous Minutes were read aloud by Matthew Garrett The previous Minutes were ratified. 20:17 2. Matthew Johnson - Chairman's report. We have a new replacement bank account with HSBC In April kern was hacked but this was quickly noticed and dealt with. Also in April we exceeded 1000 users for the first time. All of the custom admin scripts were audited and made free software. A webmail service using squirrelmail was started. In July and August kern was compromised again. The offender has since been arrested and the chairman has made a statement to the police. It was discovered that the tape drive had died and we had no recent backups. Consequently all the sysadmin procedures were reviewed. Thanks are due to Matthew Garrett and Martin Keegan for helping out as temporary sysadmins during this. We now have a valid ssl certificate signed by cacert.org Since November we actually have actual backups using a hard-drive in old kern Within the last month another attempt at compromising the system was noticed while it was in progress and prevented. Hannah Wallach and Lauri Ora have stepped down from being sysadmins. Stephen Murdoch and Ross Church have been appointed as new sysadmins. We currently have 1131 active accounts, 1479 members and 421 society accounts. It was noted that in the first week of March there were over 200 distinct users logging in to shell accounts. We currently have 2 machines being used and another machine with which we have not yet decided what to do. 20:29 2b. Sysadmins report. Phil Cowans "Our primary achievement was being rooted twice." We have implemented a lot of stuff which makes the machine more secure. It was pointed out that the position of membership secretary is a major bottleneck and that there is now too much work for one person to do. Stephen Murdoch suggested moving the user account information over to a database system. It is more important than rewriting everything to implement a set of guidelines. The web server configuration needs some serious cleaning up. 20:40 3. Treasurer's report - Olly Madge. Started last year with nothing but a cheque. Opened new bank account with HSBC. Received a lot of donations after kern overheated a lot during the summer. An air conditioning unit was ordered in conjunction with CUSU but this never materialized. CUSU may be moving at some point in the near future to better offices with air conditioning. There is not much confidence in the likelihood of this. The condition of the floor at CUSU was discussed again. We have purchased new hardware including hard-drives and a network card, totalling GBP 113.24 The hardware depreciation formula has been changed so that hardware loses all of it's value after 3 years rather than a third per year. The balance sheet was read aloud. 20:51 4. Elections. Nominations for positions: Chairman: Jeff Snyder Chairman: Matthew Garrett Secretary: Robert Bradford Publicity Officer: Malcom Scott Treasurer: Sean Furey Treasurer: Immad Akhund Malcom Scott and Robert Bradford were elected to the posts of Publicity Officer and Secretary without vote due to being unopposed and without objection. Sean Furey was elected to the post of treasurer over Immad Akhund by an overwelming majority. Matthew Garrett was elected by a show of hands to the post of Chairman. 21:28 5. AOB It was suggested that an amendment to the constitution be proposed at some point in the future to allow for the emergency appointment of sysadmins and their automatic retirement. There should be some method of recording appointments to positions and the term limits of such appointments. It was resolved that delegated officers should have publicly stated term limits but may be reappointed by the committee. 21:33 The AGM was closed by Matthew Johnson. Martin Lucas-Smith volunteered to refactor the website