Minutes of SRCF Annual General Meeting held 15th March 2007

Venue: Lloyd Room, Christ's College

In attendance:


  1. President's Report:
    • This year has been successful.
    • MX Telecom sponsored the garden party – this was a success and not intrusive.
    • Rejoined the societies syndicate and procured a large grant of £1,500
    • New server has been bought, is up and running.
    • Online banking has been set up.
  2. Treasurer's Report:
    • PayPal has been set up, have received £400 in donations.
    • Main outlay for the year was the new server.
    • We need to get insurance.
  3. Sysadmins' Report:
    • New server in place, we have moved to Ubuntu as it has newer software and more frequent updates.
    • We now have 2500 users, mostly using the service for mailing lists and hosting.
    • Sysadmins would like kern as a backup server with new disks, need money for this
  4. CUCS Money:
    • Need both signatories from CUCS, we should hear back soon regarding this.
    • Money could go towards insurance or a backup server.
  5. CUSU Office Move:
    • Should happen in May or June – will give us higher upload, maybe 1 gbit?
  6. Inventory:
    • Most things we own have now depreciated and are worth nothing – only pip has any value.
    • The new committee should set out to get rid of things and see what needs replacing.
  7. SSL Certificate:
    • Malcolm will donate a certificate, rather than the money he was intending to donate.
  8. The issue of members, users and mailing lists:
    • By default, everyone is a member of the society.
    • We should cancel membership for people who have left, unless they wish to stay in, and then sort out the mailing lists, which aren't currently well defined.
  9. Classified Section:
    • Teresa suggested a 'Classified' section on the website for people to advertise related skills, such as website design. The next committee can discuss this at their first meeting.
  10. Elections:
    • Haibo E was the only nominee for Chairperson, and was duly elected.
    • Malcom Scott was the only nominee for Secretary, and was duly elected.
    • There were no nominees for the positions of Treasurer and Publicity Officer.
    • It was decided that Haibo E would temporarily take on the position of Treasurer, and Teresa Dennis would temporarily take on the position of Publicity Officer, until the positions could be made more permanent.