Minutes of SRCF AGM, 13th March 2018

The AGM was held between 17:30 and 18:15 on Tuesday 13th March 2018, at Robinson College.



Chair’s report (from Dexter)

The SRCF has had a pretty successful year, with good turnouts to events.  Freshers’ fair went well -- thanks to Will for organising.  The freshers’ squash this year was targeted more towards sysadmin recruitment.  We’ve had a couple of hack days over the last year, leading to the control panel release (more details in the sysadmins’ report).

Treasurer’s report (from Charles)

Refer to the Accounts Summary.

Accounts are from February 2017 to February 2018.  The last year saw a large increase in balance due to two large donations.  We’re fairly well prepared in case of emergencies to buy and replace hardware.  Thanks to Third Light for sponsoring the annual dinner, and to OpenMarket for sponsoring the garden party.

Sysadmins’ report (from Richard)

Refer to the Sysadmins’ Report.


Dexter and Richard A are appointed tellers.


Two nominations:

Votes: 5 for Charles, 1 for Richard, 1 abstention

Charles is elected Chair.


One nomination: Sam (proposed by Richard A, seconded by Charles)
Handwriting is not illiterate, but will probably be typing anyway.  Can listen well, can touch-type.  Will interpret the truth by mind of the chair.

Votes: unanimous for Sam

Sam is elected Secretary.


Two nominations:

Votes: 3 for Anik, 2 for Edwin, 2 abstentions

Anik is elected Treasurer.

Publicity officer

Two nominations:

Question for the candidates: Are you both familiar with Paint and GIMP? Yes!

Votes: 4 for David, 3 for Paul

David is elected Publicity Officer.

Closing words (from Charles)

Thanks all for coming, in particular those who ran for committee positions.  Those that didn’t make it in, we hope to still see you at other SRCF events.  Enjoy the delights that the SRCF has to offer!  Garden party will be up next in June, and there’ll be plenty more committee elections next year.

Any other business

The post-AGM curry was once again postponed.  We’ll get around to it eventually.