Minutes of SRCF Extraordinary General meeting of Tuesday 5th October 2010

Venue: Trinity Hall Bridgetower Room

Timestamp: 2010-10-05 19:00-19:10

In attendance: Daniel Thomas (drt24, Secretary), Richard Whitehouse (rjw201, Sysadmin), Malcolm Scott (mas90, Sysadmin), Ed Tait (ewt23, Publicity), Nicholas Tomlinson (nst25), Charles Board (cvrb2), Ben Millwood (bm380, Sysadmin), Joseph Myers (jsm28), Malte Schwarzkopf (ms705, Sysadmin), James Clemence (jvc26, Sysadmin), David Simner (djs203), Kristian Glass (kg289, Sysadmin). (50% Sysadmin, 17% Committee)

Apologies: Dave Eyers (dme26, Sysadmin)

Minutes taken by Daniel Thomas, meeting chaired by Daniel Thomas.

Appointment of tellers


Malcolm Scott informed those present of the reason for the EGM: Han-Ley Tang has resigned after accidentally graduating.

Election of Chairman

The floor was asked for candidates for Secretary, after some discussion and assurances Charles Board (Trinity Hall, first year) was persuaded to stand.

Election of Secretary


Meeting closed at: 19:10


Venue: Curry Centre

Number in attendance: 10

Curry was a success. (£18.30 per person, followed by pub)

Actions Arising

Daniel Thomas: run the relevant sections of the Committee Handover Protocol