SRCF Benefits for sponsors

The Cambridge University Student-Run Computing Facility is a volunteer-run student society that provides useful and flexible computing and networking services for members of the University. For 21 years, it has attracted the interest of students interested in computing and technology and enabled them to freely experiment in a Linux sandbox.

The SRCF is one of the university’s largest societies. We have ~2500 active members from across the University that are proactively involved in using our services. Collectively, they maintain ~800 group accounts. Our full membership is ~10,400 members, which includes our alumni and past users. The SRCF runs free services such as web hosting, shell servers, mailing lists, video conferencing and more. A team of volunteer system administrators maintains these services.

Why should you be interested in sponsoring the SRCF?

Significant opportunities for graduate recruitment

Supporting the provision of invaluable computing services for students


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