SRCF Committee

As of the Annual General Meeting held on 5th March 2015, the current SRCF committee is:

They may be contacted individually as above, or collectively at

If you are interested in running for any of the above positions, but you want to know more about what is involved, you might want to read our page about roles in the SRCF.

The senior treasurer is Bob Dowling.

PGP key fingerprints for various members of the SRCF Executive are available

SRCF System Administration Group

As well as the committee described above there are many more people who are responsible for the administration of the SRCF:

They can be contacted at:

Previous SRCF Committees

Past committee members usually go mad after a period of around twelve months in office, so they are often taken aside by the new committee and shot. To help you locate their obituaries, here's a list.

















List of Sysadmins

Sysadmin name Years Served
Matthew Ireland 2015-present
Dexter Chua 2015-present
Richard Allitt 2014-present
Joshua Hunt 2014-present
Souradip Mookerjee 2014-present
Michael Hsu 2013-present
Andy Cooper 2013-present
Daniel Richman 2012-present
Ramana Kumar 2012-2014
Hauke Neitzel 2012-2013
Andrew Ryrie 2012-present
Tejas Guruswamy 2012-present
Andrew Lee 2012-present
Daniel Thomas 2012-present
Amar Sood 2011-present
Amir Hajizamani 2011
Bill Collins 2010-2011
Ben Millwood 2010-present
Nick Stenning 2010-2011
Richard Whitehouse 2010-present
James Clemence 2007-2012
Dave Eyers 2007-present
Kristian Glass 2007-present
Malte Schwarzkopf 2007-2009, 2010-present
Tom Scholl 2006-2007
Ian Abel 2005-present
Malcolm Scott 2004-present
Ross Church 2004-present
Olly Madge 2004-2007
Steven Murdoch 2004-present
Alastair Tse 2003-2005
Jiaying Xu 2003-2004
Nathan Dimmock 2002-2004
David Singleton 2002
Seb Wills 2002-2006
Richard Fuller 2002-2003
Martin Keegan 2001-2003
Phil Cowans 2000-2008
Andy Buckley 2000-2004
Lauri Ora 2000-2003
Ricahrd Watts 2000-2003
Jock Busuttil 2000-2003
Hanna Wallach 1999-2003
Matthew Vernon 1999-2000
Peter Clay 1999-2000

Membership Secretaries

(before we moved to using a perl script)

Jeff Snyder 2003-2004
Matt Johnson 2002-2003
Ian Caulfield 2001-2002
Hanna Wallach 1999-2001
Sophie Tatham 1999