Contact addresses

Before getting in touch...

Queries about user content of websites on a or subdomain, or requests for access to group accounts, should be directed to the owners of those accounts.

Please review our common requests, as your query may already be answered or explained there.

Changes to your own accounts (including password resets, account reactivation, group account handover, updating personal details and so on) can be done using the control panel.

For technical help and support, our documentation describes how to use our services, and includes tutorials for commonly used software like WordPress and Drupal.

Support and documentation

Technical assistance:

  • how to upload web pages
  • PHP scripts not working
  • how to use our machines
  • any and all support requests

System administrators

Requests for administrator actions:

  • quota increases
  • installing new software
  • takedowns e.g. copyright infringement

Reporting security issues:

  • hacked accounts
  • XSS vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities


General enquiries:

  • donations
  • becoming involved
  • complaints

Individual members:

Other delegated roles