1. The name of the society shall be: The Student-Run Computing Facility.
  2. The Society's aims shall be: to provide UN*X/Linux/BSD services for all members of the society, including webspace, a central server, and training activities, and to do such other things as conduce to the attainment of these objects.
  3. Membership of the society shall be extended to all members of the University and any others who may apply to the Committee. Use of the facilities provided by the society shall be restricted to members and may be subject to an annual fee, which the Committee shall determine, and which may vary according to the type of use made of the facility. The Committee may also set an annual membership fee of the society, and in addition may offer honorary memberships and life membership to any persons as it sees fit. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or political views. It may, however, expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the society or university into disrepute, for acting in a way that is damaging to the integrity of any of the facility's machines, or for breaking any of the relevant rules relating to the use of computers in the University. The administrators may suspend the account of anyone they suspect of the above, pending the decision of the Committee. For official communications of the society email shall be sufficient, and it shall be the responsibility of members of the society to provide the Secretary with an appropriate email address. All members shall have full voting rights at society meetings.
  4. Meetings of the society:
    1. The Annual General Meeting of the society shall be held each year in the Lent Term. The time and venue of this meeting shall be publicised by the Committee at least fourteen days beforehand.
    2. Ordinary Meetings shall be held as and when the Committee sees fit. Such meetings may be social, training, or anything else the Committee feels is relevant to the aims of the society.
    3. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the society may be called by the Committee, or by at least six members. A notice calling for an EGM must: (1) include a clear statement of the purpose of the EGM, (2) state the date (which must be in Full Term), time (which must be reasonable), and venue (which must be in Cambridge) of the EGM, (3) be signed by those calling for the EGM, and (4) be presented to the Committee at least ten days before the EGM, but no more than fourteen days before. The Committee must circulate the notice verbatim to the society at least seven days before the EGM. An EGM may conduct any business necessary for the purpose it was called.
    1. The Committee shall be elected at the AGM by Single Transferable Vote with a RON as defined by the University. Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary at least three days before the AGM (in the absence of other nominations for any post, nominations shall be accepted at the AGM for that post), either by email or on paper, to reach the Secretary by that deadline signed by proposer, seconder and nominee. Any member of the society may be nominated for any Committee post (a proposer and seconder are needed).
    2. The Chair of the AGM shall appoint two tellers at the AGM. The Committee may co-opt additional Committee members as it sees fit, and shall be responsible for the appointment of system administrators, who shall be responsible to the Committee. The Committee must have a majority of members who are current CU undergraduate or postgraduate students or are members of the Regent House and the majority of principal officers: Chair, Secretary and Junior Treasurer must be current students.
    3. Committee members shall hold office until they are replaced by a successful candidate in an election or by-election. Committee members may signal intent to resign their post on paper or by email to the Chair, or in the case of the Chair to the Secretary, upon receipt of which the Chair or Secretary (as appropriate) shall communicate this to the rest of the Committee and the Committee shall make arrangements for an EGM with by-election to be held in accordance with Article 5.4.
    4. If no candidates are nominated for a post in an election or by-election, or the election/by-election for a post is won by the option to re-open nominations, or a Committee member signals intent to resign their post as laid out in Article 5.3, the Committee shall call, in accordance with the timeframes set out in Article 4.3, an EGM whose stated purposes shall include the holding of by-elections for that/those post(s) and which shall be held within fourteen days of the AGM (or, if the current Full Term is to end within fourteen days, within seven days of the start of the next Full Term). The by-elections shall be conducted as in Article 5.1, with all references to an AGM to be replaced with references to the EGM.
  5. The Committee shall consist of Chair, Secretary, Junior Treasurer, and PR officer. It shall meet at least once per term, and may invite any other persons to attend Committee meetings as it sees fit. The Senior Treasurer shall always be invited to attend Committee meetings if (s)he wishes to.
  6. In addition there shall be a Senior Treasurer, who shall be a resident member of the Senate or other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer shall make arrangements for the Society's Accounts to be properly audited, either by himself or herself, or by some other person approved under University Ordinances. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or other obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised such a debt in writing.
  7. Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any six members of the society, or by resolution of the Committee. Votes for the amendment of this constitution shall require the support of two thirds of those voting to effect the change, and may occur at AGMs, or at an EGM called explicitly for that purpose. No amendment to this constitution intended to remove the position of Senior Treasurer, to alter its prerogatives and duties or to change the criteria and procedure for the appointment of a Senior Treasurer can be put to a vote without prior written agreement of the Junior Proctor of the University of Cambridge.
  8. In the event of the dissolution of the society, its assets shall be given to the University society with the most similar interests.