Welcome to the SRCF

The Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF) exists as a university society to provide useful and flexible computing and network services, for University of Cambridge staff and students of all degrees of ability.

Individuals may join the SRCF as members, which provides user access to our servers. For any groups of people wanting to collaborate, we offer shared society accounts with all the same services.

Available services

All user and society accounts come with:

...and much much more – see Services for more details.

All for free? Yes :)

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The SRCF is funded largely by donations from its users, for which we are very grateful.

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Scheduled vulnerable period

To aid in security procedures, the SRCF has a potentially vulnerable period, between 2am and 3am on Sundays. During this time the sysadmins may reboot the server without much prior warning.

Message of the day

37) 11.03.2018 HTTPS certificates are now available for all SRCF-hosted
               websites (whether on a srcf.net address or your own domain).
               To request one, and make your website more secure, just go to
               As of today, our older wildcard certificates (which have not
               been trusted by modern browsers for some months) have been
               deactivated; use the link above to get a new certificate.