Welcome to the SRCF!

The Student-Run Computing Facility is a volunteer-run student society that provides free, useful and flexible computing and network services for University of Cambridge staff and students of all degrees of ability.

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Message of the day

50) 03.06.2021 The SRCF is 22 years old today! <:-)
51) 23.09.2021 /!\ Probable outage of all SRCF services, daytime on 2021-09-25
               (this Saturday): https://status.srcf.net/post/663135917902626816
52) 25.09.2021 Crisis averted -- backup power was acquired during the work.


Our volunteers maintain a selection of free services for thousands of members of the university. To name a few, these are:

  • website hosting with a rich variety of features
  • a video conferencing platform
  • standards-compliant email and mailing lists @srcf.net
  • 2GB of file or web space
  • general purpose shell accounts on our servers hosted in Cambridge
  • hosted Mattermost and Zulip instances
  • ...and much more!
All of these services are available for personal accounts and groups, such as societies.

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About us

The Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF) is a volunteer-run student society at the University of Cambridge. We run our own servers hosted in-house within the university and provide computing services for thousands of staff and students.

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The SRCF is funded largely by donations from its users, for which we are very grateful. We can only spend as much as we have, so help us pay for our costs by donating as little as £3.


Do you ❤ open source like we do? Does managing large Linux systems sound interesting? Or perhaps getting your hands dirty with servers and hardware? Or even programming web apps and Python libraries?

As a student society that's completely independent from the colleges and university, we rely on the generous help of interested volunteers to keep the SRCF going. We welcome everyone regardless of technical background at any point during term. Come and talk to us even if you're not sure!

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Weekly meetings

The SRCF committee and members of the volunteer team meet weekly on Friday at 8PM to talk about the SRCF, cool ideas and tech. Anyone is welcome to join us, especially if you're interested in learning more! The meetings are virtual and held on Timeout, here.

End of Hermes? Fear not!

The SRCF has run its own mail system, called Hades, for many years. It is fully standards (IMAP/SMTP) compliant and works with any mail client or via the web client, called Roundcube (what Hermes runs).

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Scheduled vulnerable period

To aid in security procedures, the SRCF has a potentially vulnerable period, from 10pm to 12 midnight on Saturday nights. During this time the sysadmins may reboot the server without much prior warning.

Learning & education

You can find a few tutorials made by us in our documentation learning section (help needed!). Ask us if you're looking for a recommended resource to learn anything, we'll be sharing a few of our favorites soon on a new page.


Is your company interested in sponsoring the SRCF? We have plenty of benefits to offer as we are one of the largest societies in Cambridge. Read more about that here.

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