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The SRCF exists to provide services to members and societies of the University free of charge. Since the SRCF is staffed by volunteers and is accommodated free of charge by CUSU the day to day running costs are very low.

However, every three years or so we replace our primary server as it ages and the demands on it increase. In 2006 we replaced the overloaded and aging kern, with a brand-new computer (called pip) at a cost of £2,590.88. In 2008 we increased pip's RAM from 4GB to 12GB at a cost of £259.96. And like every society there are costs we incur every year, such as: the CUSU Societies' Fair, the squash and the garden party.

Since we provide everything for free, we rely on the kind donations from our members. We encourage you to donate what you think the service is worth to you. The suggested donation for an individual is £10, and for a society is £50 — though donations of any size are welcome.

The names of individuals and societies who donate, and do not wish to remain anonymous will be listed on the donors page. The current total raised over the last year is £275.00.

Donations can be made either by sending a cheque made payable to “Student Run Computing Facility” to Anik Roy, Christ's College, or by donating online using a credit or debit card or a PayPal account.

If you don't donate using the form below and want your name to appear on the donors page, just include a note saying so with your donation, or e-mail the treasurer with the relevant details. In the absence of other information, we list amounts, but not names.

Please be aware that we are charged a handling fee for each online donation (3.4% plus 20p, so 54p on a £10 donation), so a cheque would be preferred if possible.

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