SRCF Webmail

Starting in October 2018, the SRCF runs two email services. We originally offered webmail access to both, although following a system upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 we are not in a position to offer SquirrelMail webmail access to the older pip-based email service (via any more. However, you can still access pip mailboxes using IMAP and terminal mail clients.

SRCF Hades webmail

Hades is the standard SRCF email service since October 2018. If you signed up since then, or migrated your email, this is probably the one you want.

pip webmail

Before October 2018, the only SRCF email service was hosted on pip (our shell server). For older mailboxes, or if you chose to use pip, this is probably where your email is kept.

The pip webmail service is no longer available. You can still access your email through a terminal email client while logged into pip, such as Alpine or Mutt, or by using IMAP.